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Potentia Elevators and its products have received recognition from top publications globally for their outstanding design features, innovativeness, and smart elements. Our products and solutions have been awarded some of the coveted awards like Red Dot product design awards, Architizer A+ Awards, awarded as 2014 manufacturer of the year award, awarded with LEED Green Excellence Award amongst others which itself is an epitome of the standards we follow. Our efforts and commitments still continue to achieve many more such prestigious international awards and accolades.

Guaranteed Work

It is our firm belief that when a customer buys world-class premium elevators, escalators, and others with a range of lifts it is only natural that he expects the best service and we guarantee that since we make sure that we represent companies who believe in this philosophy. We lay great stress on providing customers with an excellent and high standard service guarantee and bring about the greatest satisfaction to our customers. And above all, you can be confident your solution comes from an industry leader whose experience and expertise are your guarantee of safe, smooth, and uninterrupted operation.

Reasonable Price

We are a leading manufacturing and supplier of a wide range of lifts to our clients at reasonable prices in the industry within the specified time period. These Elevators are quality-tested prior to dispatch on several parameters. The pricing will also vary greatly on several factors including elevator type, number of floors, cab style, location, and complexity of installation. From our higher-end models to our basic residential elevators. We can also even help you with financing to make sure that residential/home elevators' prices don't get in the way of your mobility.

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Engineered to integrate industry-leading technologies into your building design, our commercial elevators optimize cost efficiency with aesthetic elegance. The performance of our commercial elevators is geared to optimize energy consumption.


Potentia hospital elevators are designed to cater to an environment full of stress where accuracy and reliability are paramount. Our latest Smart technology intimates the maintenance team to carry out preventive maintenance, as and when required and ensures the Elevator performance is always at its peak.


See the world as you move upwards in our line of glass elevators where class meets comfort. Its Seamless design gives you a panoramic view of your surroundings. It is made of high quality glass and is best suited for home, business centers, shopping malls, hotels, airports and train stations.


Our advanced technical methods and latest technology provide a smooth, quiet and stable performance. Our Escalators are ideal for Supermarkets, malls and large commercial enters.


The Home lift boasts an extensive list of safety features; As standard it carries a certified safety system making it the first in the home lift market. Your Safety is our priority. In case of a power failure, it will continue to work from a battery, allowing the user to reach the ground floor.


The result is a high-performance addition to your home that you hardly hear even when you put your ear right next to it. Add to it our beautiful cabin styles and options, and you’ve
got the perfect lift.









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